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360 technology in Facebook

November 11, 2019

Since 2004 Facebook has been rocking on the internet, by opening a new era of social networking and promoting the idea of “ earth a global village” , Mark Zuckerberg has been introducing updates and new idea on the Facebook. One of the recent break through is the introduction and promotion of 360 technology.

In September 2015 Facebook introduced 360 videos viewable on the news feed, Mark Zuckerberg in a post wrote that they think that people will post a lot of more 360 content in future as the technology gets easier. Later in 2016 Facebook helped the technology to become more easier by introducing “ Facebook surround 360” a camera which can  make high quality 3D – 360 videos, the system can export 4K , 6K and 8K video.

Facebook has also allowed its users to upload and watch 360 videos and pictures without the VR glasses. Facebook app now allows its users to create 360 pictures from their IOS or Android system without contacting a third party app or camera.

Apart from posting or watch 360 pictures on the Facebook now the users can also upload their cover photo in 360 degrees. These thing show the support of Facebook towards the promotion of 3D and 360 degree technology.

Facebook has also launched a dedicated 360 app for 360 degree material “Facebook 360”. The Facebook team has spent billions of dollars and several major resources to improve the 360 degree technology. 360 degree in the app is available for Gear VR.

In April 2017 Facebook introduced 2 new 360 cameras. The new cams are portable and smaller than the previous ones. Facebook cameras are in market to compete with the google and nokia cams. Facebook cameras are giving a tough competition to its rivals.

Facebook engineering director said that the Facebook is working on improving its camera and are creating a perfect 360 camera which will not have any kind of flaw .The perfect camera is expected to be launched later this year.

One of the recent show of the new technology was when the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg along with Facebooks head of social virtual reality , Rachel Franklin visited the hurricane sites in Puerto Rico. The live video showed a cartoon of Mark Zuckerberg along with a cartoon character of Rachel Franklin visiting the live sites of hurricane. Zuckerberg said the one thing magical about the virtual reality is that you feel that you are really living in that place. Another thing was that both of them were not in the same buildings in the physical world but Mark said that it feels like they both a sitting in a same place and can make eye contact.

This year the Latin American Music Awards also featured a virtual reality 360 degree performance to honor Pitbull. The performance was available in 360 Facebook live stream.

Earlier Facebook introduced the Oculus Go, this time Mark Zuckerberg lowered the price to promote the product and increase the sales which were less in the previous models and cost Facebook a loss, comparatively to which Sony and HTC were in profit by selling their 3D technologies. The new strategy has worked and face book’s oculus technology is growing now and is becoming more popular.

The Facebook app now also has a feature to directly capture and upload a 360 picture. The option of 360 is available in the status bar as “360 Photo”. This features allows you to add photos with other regular photos and also tag your friends in them.

Previously NASA also posted a 360 image of Mar with the collaboration of Facebook 360 technologies. This was possible with the help of Facebook’s Oculus Rift.

The 360 technology is the beginning of a new era which has several new miracle like inventions to come. The 360 technology and 3D advancement is just a pinch of salt in a mine but the investments and advancements by the tycoon companies like Facebook are creating a huge revolutionary storm in the world of technology. Yet after few failures in promoting its Oculus technology, after buying it. The Facebook is now ready to boost up its growth with new plans and innovations.

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